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New Location: St. Kitts!

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Our thing is to share the good news, and this time is no different because we want to tell you about the opening of our new location in Saint Kitts, being this one the 16th in the Dolphin Discovery family. We have everything you need to make your visit an unforgettable experience: An aquatic area with 12,000 ft2 of water where the dolphins Ayla, Angela, Mandela, Watson, Dali and Dante will interact with all their visitors. With an investment of nearly 1 million dollars and more than 130 people involved, we finished this area just off a breakwater, on one side of Bird Rock Beach Hotel, which offers protection to dolphins we love.


We took full advantage of our location, with just 7 minutes from the pier and 10 form the airport, it allows us to offer, both locals and tourists, to make the most out of their time on the island to enjoy our experiences such as Encounter, Swim Adventure and Royal Swim as well as other activities the island has to offer.


Our Manager, Jorge Mier, says “The successful dolphin habitats managed by Dolphin Discovery Group are a strong support to lead Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts as one of the top attractions in the island, we are planning approximately 16,000 visitors the first year”. “Local population as well as school children will have special benefits as part of Dolphin Discovery Group socially responsible practices”, he added.


Throughout this year we will be having special events and promotional activities in various locations of Dolphin Discovery. For more information visit so you don’t miss anything! We will be waiting for you so you can too say you had the Experience of Your Lifetime.

NFL players get to Dolphin Discovery.

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Last weekend Dolphin Discovery received Joel Dreessen, Miles Burris, Joey Larocque, Caleb Hanie, Nick Roach and Vance McDonald, NFL players who were visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

The players arrived at our location in Puerto Aventuras very excited about this new experience, accompanied by their wives and families, they really enjoyed their vacation.


It was time to enter the water, and Chaac and Star the dolphins that accompanied them that day, were happy to meet them. Everyone could kiss them, hug them and dance with them. They were especially excited with the Foot Push and Belly Ride.

They were happy, among giggles and excitement they shared beautiful moments with these wonderful animals. Finally, Chaac showed them how important it was to keep our oceans clean and care for nature, when he picked up a bottle of water and brought it to the trash can. For all, was very fun to watch.

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Upon completion of the program with dolphins, they all got out of the water to go visit some amazing creatures, Manatees! For the players and their families, it was really cool to know and learn more about them. They were with the manatees of Puerto Aventuras and got to meet their babies, caressed, embraced and fed them. It was a different and beautiful experience.

Finally, when they finished the program with the manatees, they left the water to eat at the buffet restaurant. The players were very pleased and happy to see all the pictures that were on that day. So many memories that are now new treasures for them and their families.


Dolphin Discovery Cup 2015

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For the fifth consecutive year, the last Saturday March 7, Dolphin Discovery Group performed its mixed soccer tournament, where the partners of the company enjoyed an afternoon full of joy and fun with their friends and family.

The event was performed in the fields ECYD , where 15 teams from different locations competed to be the best.


During matches , there were snacks for participants, some mood music for the game , and an area for children for face painting. For dinner, delicious tacos could not miss.


After the tournament, the players automatically entered a raffle, in which you could win VIP tickets to the cinema, dinner in restaurants like “Muellecito” and “Yaxché”, Jungle Tour, swims with dolphins, “Dolphibonos”, among others.


At the end of the tournament, the top 3 places were awarded and were given a trophy in recognition of their great participation and performance, as well, each of the players were granted double passes to interact with dolphins .


Dolphin Discovery Education and Environmental Care.

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Since 2005, consecutively Dolphin Discovery Group has received the recognition of “Socially Responsible Company” (ESR for its initials in spanish) that is given by its commitment in the four core areas of social responsibility that are: Business Ethics, Quality of Life in the Company, Bonding and Impact with the Community, and Care and Preservation of the Environment.

The company is committed to support women who are part of their team. It cares about impulsing them, respecting them and giving them the value they deserve, so much has been done, that they received the certification in the Gender Equity Model for which they’ve worked so hard.

The company also wants to expose the importance of being a socially responsible company and being certified with Gender Equity. But it is not just having the certification,is day by day applying every detail and giving women the support they need.


Another initiative of Dolphin Discovery is training on the importance of caring for marine mammals, this is why the team of Dolphin Discovery has been given the task of organizing university lectures in order to convey to young people the love and interest that the company has for animals and nature.


On March 5 a conference for the municipal Ecology Department was given, themed “The importance of caring for marine mammals” in the ecological park Kabah. Also, another conference was given in the auditorium of the UNID, a university in Cozumel, with the topic of”Environmental Education”.

The conferences are free and what Dolphin Discovery Group seeks is invite the society to join this initiative to care for nature and marine mammals, tell them the initiatives that Dolphin Discovery has for them and the commitment that they demonstrate every day.


Dolphin Discovery Welcomes The Mayan Community Of Campamento Hidalgo

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Last thursday we had the pleasure of receiving some very special guests: children from the mayan community Campamento Hidalgo. They woke up very early to take the bus from their home at the limits of Quintana Roo and Yucatan, that would take them to Cancun to take the ferry to their final destination: Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres.


The 10 girls and 10 boys with their guardians arrived filled with excitement, because due to the difficulties that imply moving from their community they have never seen the sea yet they quickly lose the fear and got on to the ferry that would take them to their dolphin encounter.

After a tour around the park and small talk given by Marco Moen where the kids learned about their environment, how to take care of nature and the ways us at Dolphin Discovery take care fo the environment as a socially responsible company, they were taken to their so anticipated activity: meeting America and Daniela the dolphins with whom they would have their unforgettable encounter.

The look on their faces was invalubale, so many smiles and excitement of getting in the water with the dolphins, is just unimaginable the combination of so many feelings: seeing the sea and going in to the fresh water, seeing a dolphin and being able to touch her, all at the same time!

Some kids were feeling a little overwhelmed, but soon felt confident thanks to the kind words and demostrations from our marine mammal specialists, who show them all the fun beahaviors the dolphins wanted to share with them.


After 50 minutes of kisses, hugs, and waves to the dolphins the kids said their goodbyes filled with joy and information about the wonderful dolphins.

They took the ferry back to Cancun, some of them a little tired after a long days of emotions but with a smile on their faces after having the experience of a lifetime.


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Nearly 1,000 emaciated and sick sea lion pups and older animals have shown up on California beaches since the first of the year. The rescue teams and stranding centers are overwhelmed as they strive to rescue and rehabilitate the young animals. The supplies, manpower, and other things needed to care for so many sea lions are great and resources to do so are thinly stretched.

Last week, the National Marine Mammal Foundation reached out to the Alliance with an urgent request for help. The quickest, most effective way to assist is by donating money. Dolphin Discovery joins this cause and we invite you to do the same, so if you or your facility would like to make a donation, you can contribute directly to the National Marine Mammal Foundation at or to the stranding centers listed below.
In addition to lending financial support, if you are interested in donating supplies or helping with staffing, you can contact any of these stranding centers:

Marine Mammal Care Center, San Pedro

Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Laguna Beach

Channel Islands Marine Wildlife Institute, Santa Barbara

The Marine Mammal Center, Sausalito

ALLIANCE and Dolphin Discovery appreciate any kind of help you may give to save these beautiful sea lions who need it more than ever.

Dolphin Discovery impart class of environmental education.

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On February 1st we went to the Mayan community in the municipality of Benito Juarez , where about 18 children from the community showed up to take a class of environmental education and the importance of caring for mammals.


In class were perfomed different recreational activities such as the game of questions and answers, the game of catching the bottle , and the hour of paint , especially for the children could better understand the importance of recycling , environmental education and care of the species maritime.


At the end of the class the children of the community thanked to Joanna Stoklosa coordinator of conservation area of Dolphin Discovery with love and they parted with a few small gifts from the community.


Good News! Newborn dolphin in Dolphin Discovery Puerto Aventuras

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At Dolphin Discovery we are very happy to share with you that today a baby dolphin was born in Puerto Aventuras. Why is this new life so important?

FFrida, the mom, gave birth 5:00 am to a second generation dolphin. What does this mean? This means that the parents are first generation born in Dolphin Discovery.
December 4th, 2002, at the same location Puerto Aventuras, Athena delivered Frida. During the last 12 years, Frida has been with us, growing, training and developing social abilities, on June the 13th 2010 she delivered Charlie, first dolphin second generation at Dolphin Discovery. Two years later this incredible mother delivered Diego also second generation and today we are enjoying her third delivery.
We don’t know yet if it is a male or a female, what really matters now is that this newborn is swimming properly, well-fed minute after minute by the mom, and that our veterinarian and trainers team is looking after it day and night.
This nativities help us dispel so many questions from our guests about the provenance of our dolphins, to have dolphins first and second generation is something incredible that reflects the well-being of our dolphins at Dolphin Discovery
Today Athena and Picaso, who are of course with us, have been grandparents for the third time and we are very proud saying that Frida their daughter is a great mother and a good Dolphin Discovery reference being the first newborn firs generation.
This type of miracles are the ones that have given the name to our “Miracle Program” which makes our new Theme Parks’ openings the only ones with dolphins born under human care, showing that we don’t skimp efforts when giving love to our marine mammals.
Congratulations everybody! We invite you all to visit Puerto Aventuras today to celebrate all together this newborn.cria_frida_dolphin_discovery_2