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Dolphin Children’s Day #DiezMilSonrisas

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We are delighted to announce the second edition of Dolphin Discovery Group local project “10,000 Smiles”. Last year, 5,000 children donated one toy getting in return the unforgettable Dolphin Experience Program for free. The intention of collecting toys is with the purpose of sharing out with kids in despair.

We applaud the great participation of thousands of kids that made this project possible.

This year of course we couldn´t fall behind and we will collect all the income fees of morning programs on April 26, 2014 and all the money collected will be fully donated to the Association “Aquí nadie se rinde”—Spanish for “Here no one quits” which supports and assists kids with Cancer illness in Cancun.

This day is practically dedicated to gift-in Smiles to those kids that donated a toy and they will be also swimming with Dolphins at our facilities as they did last year. On April the 30th 2014 we will distribute the gathered toys sharing out with kids in despair.

We change the reality of a lot of children, help us help. Would you participate?

The Best Dolphin Adventure in Grand Cayman!

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Do you know Cayman’s official tourism app? It’s called “Cayman Visitor” and we are beyond happy about being named “The Best Dolphin Adventure”.

We won this pretty cool certificate and now we share with you guys. Thanks! Thanks a lot! :D

Swim with dolphins in Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman… it’s an experience of a lifetime!


Dolphin Discovery Group brings “One World Futbol Project” to Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo

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222,000 Kids in 1,600 Communities Will Benefit From the Campaign in the Yucatan Peninsula

New York, January 15,2014 - Dolphin Discovery Group, the largest group of dolphinariums in the world, will incorporate the Mexican State of Quintana Roo to the “One World Futbol Project” when their members distribute soccer balls to the communities surrounding their Isla Mujeres facilities today.

Launched in Mexico last September 2013, singer Sting and the initiative’s creator, Timothy Jeninger, OWFP aims to provide children of impoverished communities with one of the basic toys in the world – a soccer ball. Backed by private companies and government authorities, the kids of the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan will receive a total of 11,000 soccer balls by October of this year throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

Dolphin Discovery Group’s social responsibility initiatives have provided real results to its surrounding communities. In the past 3 years, more than 10,000 children have learned about sea life and swam with their dolphins. Its veterinarians were also credited with saving an endangered dolphin that lost its way and was caught in the reefs that surround Isla Mujeres this past November.

Grand Cayman Baby Dolphin name is…

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Last December in Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman we just celebrate our 5th Anniversary. We love to enjoy this festive times with Grand Cayman’s community, so we thought it would be great to celebrate our Birthday with another Birthday! –wait what?

Yep! Last year we had some great news: Alegria gave to birth a little calf that we love and take care off at Dolphin Discovery. However, this cute guy didn’t have a name so we decided that Gran Cayman’s Anniversary would be the perfect occasion to annunciate we were looking for some help.

Lots of kids from different schools sent to us their names and why they wanted to name Baby Dolphin like that.
The Top 5 names were chosen and voted by all Dolphin Discovery fans on Facebook. We need to tell all names were so creative and we loved to read all the stories, but we had to pick one of them all.

So, Lucky is the name and now we think it fits perfect!

Again, thanks a lot for all the submissions. Of course, Top 3 won some nice prices:

1st: Riley Lagan from Cayman Pre- Primary (who have won a yearlong dolphin experience certificate)
2nd. Arian from Grace Academy
3rd. Ryan Scott from Tiffany’s Pre School

See you next time! Dolphin kisses for you all :)

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Dolphin Discovery Bucket List 2014

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At Dolphin Discovery, we are constantly surprised and surprise others. We finished this year fulfilling the desires of our guests.

During  Dec 31st 2013 and Jan 1st 2014, we provide our visitors a “Wish List ” to indicate which location in the world where we have dolphinariums, would they like to spend the next New Year’s Eve.

That is why we will honor the wishes of the winners, with a paid trip to the selected location: Round Trip to destination + 5 Stars Hotel + Swimming with dolphins program.

The sweepstake will be broadcasted live on February 14 through our social networks. For more info just click here:

Remember that magic grows when it’s shared. Greetings, hugs and dolphin kisses.

Small Actions generate large changes.

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Dolphin Discovery formed a human task force in the campaign to protect the blue crab. Written By Dolphin Discovery.


Cancun just like other parts of the Riviera Maya, is considered one of the areas with the highest urban growth in recent years worldwide. For more veterans who saw its inception 30 years ago, its wealth of natural areas was the main attraction and there was a feeling of respect between humans and animals sharing a common property such as land. Decades passed and the lucky tourist demand sees Cancun is developing before our eyes at a speed that Mother Nature cannot keep up with, new large residential lots, modification of mangrove systems are part of the long list of environmental impacts carried out on a small or large scale in our city. This has a name, fragmentation of ecosystems and the ability to stop it is almost impossible.

If everyone is so focused on urban development, who is going to take charge of the animals living in? That is why small actions make big changes, every year the campaign to protect the blue crab is celebrated on the 18th to 20th of October. Blue crabs have an important role in mangrove conservation as they make their nests in the roots of plants which provide oxygenation for the plants and are they are responsible for eating everything on the beaches and surrounding areas that are dead. During this time they cross streets, asphalt, bridges without understanding truck, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings in the search of salt water which lay their next offspring, as a result many of them being run over unconsciously citizens . The blue crabs live up to 8 years, to which an entire generation of the species is considered as being endangered in Quintana Roo.

Dolphin Discovery in collaboration with the Government of Quintana Roo, actively collaborate with the team at the Department of Environmental Education and Conservation, and dozens of trainers and associates joined the noble cause of saving the maximum amount possible (it is the females at the greatest risk). The task is to help cross the female crabs with thousands of offspring in his belly to a secure areas, working through the night with flashlights, moving the crabs carefully into buckets and leaving them where they are not at risk.


A total of 70 people from different departments led by Rosario Garcia, Biologist at Dolphin Discovery and coordinator of the department crossed more than a hundred females, armed pickers with lanterns, buckets, brooms worked at night in municipalities such as Isla Mujeres, Playa las Perlas, dolphin beach, areas where this species has chosen by the amount of beach. Helping the conservation of the species and consciousness of the public creates an awareness in our children, each year more people are joining this cause, even 10 year olds are accompanying their parents with flashlight in hand creating a clear conscience about the environment and this insures that the coming years will continue to have blue crabs spawning on our shores.

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Cozumel School Visit

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COZUMEL, Q. ROO October 2013

picture1Dolphin Discovery as part of our social work and giving back to the community has the mission to teach environmental awareness in our communities about our dolphin, prioritizing our children.

The Department of Environmental Conservation Education and Dolphin Discovery has been given the task of visiting schools in our communities, offering free tours of Dolphin Discovery dolphinarium and invites children to have the wonderful experience of working with dolphins, manatees and sea lions.


The month of October 2013, Dolphin Discovery Cozumel was honored to receive to be visited by more than 400 children from different schools: Cristobal Colon, Gardner Institute and the Parthenon Institute, taking the record of school visit across all of our dolphinariums this month.


While visiting the dolphinarium children could learn more about these wonderful marine mammals and interact closely with them.

Dolphin Discovery as always is proud and happy to contribute to the environmental education of our children, in their hands is the present and future of our planet, its ecosystems and biodiversity.