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Nefti, Nimbe, Julieta, Maggie, Goya, Mozart, Romeo and Kepler are the eight dolphins that are part of the new home of Dolphin Discovery in Punta Cana. They shall receive with excitement to all visitors to the new habitat, which opened last December 15.

The Dolphin Discovery family grows every day in many ways, dreams grow, illusions grow, the commitment grows and grows the number of locations. Now with 16 habitats running, in the year of our 20th anniversary, we realize that we strive to realize our dreams.

Dolphin Discovery Punta Cana means a lot to the Dolphin Discovery family, means new dreams come true. We are eager to give many smiles over into new territory. We are sure that who knows these eight amazing dolphins will love them. Our mission is to make many people live one of the happiest days of their lives, now in Dominican Republic.

The General Director of Dolphin Discovery Group is very excited about this project because it is expected to receive about 100,000 visitors in its first year.

Dolphin Discovery aims to help community development in the area and become a reference positive influence in the community, implementing educational programs in coordination with the relevant authorities.

However, it also seeks to help the economic growth of fate. The project has a plan of impressive growth in terms of facilities and services as it seeks to open areas jacuzzi, VIP area, restaurant, cabins, swimming pools, among others, making it one of the most modern and luxurious in the Caribbean.

Now we feel more dreamy than ever , we are ready for the future that awaits us, full of dreams come true.

Good News! Newborn dolphin in Dolphin Discovery Puerto Aventuras

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At Dolphin Discovery we are very happy to share with you that today a baby dolphin was born in Puerto Aventuras. Why is this new life so important?

FFrida, the mom, gave birth 5:00 am to a second generation dolphin. What does this mean? This means that the parents are first generation born in Dolphin Discovery.
December 4th, 2002, at the same location Puerto Aventuras, Athena delivered Frida. During the last 12 years, Frida has been with us, growing, training and developing social abilities, on June the 13th 2010 she delivered Charlie, first dolphin second generation at Dolphin Discovery. Two years later this incredible mother delivered Diego also second generation and today we are enjoying her third delivery.
We don’t know yet if it is a male or a female, what really matters now is that this newborn is swimming properly, well-fed minute after minute by the mom, and that our veterinarian and trainers team is looking after it day and night.
This nativities help us dispel so many questions from our guests about the provenance of our dolphins, to have dolphins first and second generation is something incredible that reflects the well-being of our dolphins at Dolphin Discovery
Today Athena and Picaso, who are of course with us, have been grandparents for the third time and we are very proud saying that Frida their daughter is a great mother and a good Dolphin Discovery reference being the first newborn firs generation.
This type of miracles are the ones that have given the name to our “Miracle Program” which makes our new Theme Parks’ openings the only ones with dolphins born under human care, showing that we don’t skimp efforts when giving love to our marine mammals.
Congratulations everybody! We invite you all to visit Puerto Aventuras today to celebrate all together this newborn.cria_frida_dolphin_discovery_2

X-Factor contestant in Dolphin Discovery

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Josh Levi, X-Factor “x-contestant” visited Dolphin Discovery location inside Moon Palace Hotel. Josh and his family had a blast last week in company of the most loved dolphins!

Swim Adventure program was the one to provide them the perfect mix between fun and education facts.

There’s no doubt Josh and family knew how to have fun in a perfect day here in mexican Caribbean :D

Barbara Bermudo in Dolphin Discovery Cancun

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Barbara Bermudo,  Tv Host/Journalist from Univision and “Primer Impacto” presenter , visited Dolphin Discovery Cancun in Moon Palace for a day full of fun and learning about marine mammals.

Barbara and her lovely girls, Mia and Camila, did Royal Swim program that includes hugs, kisses and foot push.

We hope to see you around, Barbara! We loved to have you here :D

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

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Here at Dolphin Discovery we are celebrating Picasso and Athenea! The  grandparents of Charly a four-year-old dolphin that lives in Puerto Aventuras.  If you take a close look you will see that Charly inherited his grandpa Picasso’s eyes.  From his grandma Athenea you will notice the same eagerness to learn.

Thanks to our Miracle program we can know exactly who are the mother and the father of every Miracle animal and in this case who the grandparents of every animal are.  Picasso has fathered many Miracle calves throughout the years but Charly is his first “grand-calf.”


Newborn Manatee! We are so happy!

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We are so lucky! Today a baby manatee was born, a new member of the manatee’s family at Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya. Juliette the mother has given birth this morning to a healthy, perfect manatee who is now breastfeeding. The baby manatee use to weight 44 pounds and measure less than 3 feet when they born, but they grow very fast. It is too soon to know if it is a male or a female though we are pretty sure Juliette will take care of him very well like she did before with her previous babies: Yoltzin was born in August 2005 and it was the second one born under human care in Mexico, nowadays it is living at Dreams location, over there in Puerto Aventuras.

Quijote was her second baby, born in 2008, it is living in Cozumel with his brother Edgarin, he was born two years later in September 2010 being Juliette’s third baby. In November 2012 at Puerto Aventuras baby manatee Lorencillo was born and he lives right there were the newborn has just yet arrived and they will be best siblings and best friends certainly.

The reproductive program of this specie is matter of much importance for Dolphin Discovery Group because this type of marine mammals are under threat of extinction in the region and all over Mexico.The manatee census at Quintana Roo and Yucatan indicated that there are only 200-250 manatees living in the area and over the rest of the country there are proximately 1500-2000. These numbers are given by the Dr. Benjamin Morales from Ecosur Center, at Chetumal, we have collaborative and investigative agreements with them and we always celebrate all together September the 7th, “Manatee’s National Day”. We cordially invite you to come to Puerto Aventuras to see this beautiful newborn.

Great Opening Dolphin Akumal

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As we all know very well no deadline can outpace us. Yesterday we had officially inaugurated our number 14 dolphinarium: Dolphin Discovery Akumal; accompany by friends, government authorities and the media. Roberto Borge, Quintana Roo State governor was beside us during the ribbon cutting ceremony, along many other important people like commercial partners, local Government and Municipal authorities.

The dolphinarium has an aquatic area of 1,200 square meters and is inside of the Grand Sirenis Resort & Spa Riviera Maya, beautiful Hotel portraying one of the most wonderful and privileged views of the Riviera Maya.

With #DolphinAkumal oppening, Dolphin Discovery reaches 14 successful locations, 4 of them have Miricle program, which means that their dolphins are all born under human care, following and mastering strict environmentalist guidelines, like: Profepa at National level, AMMPA and IMATA at International level.

The total investment for the building trade of #DolphinAkumal was up to 4 million Dollars – in between facilities and equipment. It has generated 34 direct occupations, and 170 indirect occupations including personnel and suppliers from the municipalities of Solidaridad and Tulum.

Cutting edge Technology is the major feature of this location, because it has a supporting live system for dolphins with 16 high efficiency turbines and ozonator gear that controls the proliferation of microorganisms in the water that comes directly form the ocean.

#DolphinAkumal is home to 4 dolphins born in Quintana Roo: Charly, Athos, Gigio and porthos.

Being part of the biggest dolphin family in the world: Dolphin Discovery, we are very pleased to share this project with you. We welcome you to Dolphin Discovery Akumal and we hope to see you around here soon.

Dolphin Akumal

‪#‎CreatureFeatureThursday‬ in #‎OurWorldOceans from AMMPA

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Today is ‪#‎CreatureFeatureThursday‬ in ‎#OurWorldOceans and we’d like to tell you a bit about the sea stars that share the same ecosystem with the dolphins, in the wild as well as in the Dolphin Discovery facilites, just like this one in Cayman Island.

Did you know that the sea stars has an eye at the tip of each arm? Also it turns its stomach inside out and brings it out through its mouth.  This wraps its stomach around the food and pulls it back inside after the food is digested.
Another interesting fact is that a sea stars can grow a whole new body from just one arm.

Unfortunatelly the population of the sea stars are devastated by wasting disease (SSWD-Sea Star Wasting Syndrome) on the west coast from Alaska to Southern California over the past year.

There is evidence that there is an infectious cause that may be either primary or secondary. SSWD appears to be transmissible between individuals and between susceptible sea star species. Given the current situation, it is recommended that acquisition of sea stars from known areas impacted by SSWD be avoided.